The daemon

Supysonic comes with an optional daemon service that currently provides the following features:

  • background scans

  • library changes detection

  • jukebox mode

Background scans

First of all, the daemon allows running backgrounds scans, meaning you can start scans from the command-line interface and do something else while it’s scanning (otherwise the scan will block the CLI until it’s done). Background scans also enable the web UI to run scans, while you have to use the CLI to do so if you don’t run the daemon.

Library watching

Instead of manually running a scan every time your library changes, the daemon can listen to any library change and update the database accordingly. This watcher is started along with the daemon but can be disabled to only keep background scans. Please refer to [daemon] section of the configuration to enable or disable it.


Finally, the daemon acts as a backend for the jukebox mode, allowing to play audio on the machine running Supysonic. More details on the Jukebox mode page.

Running it

The daemon is supysonic-daemon, it is a non-exiting process. If you want to keep it running in background, either use the old nohup or screen methods, or start it as a systemd unit.

Below is a basic service file to load it through systemd. Modify it to match your installation and save it as /etc/systemd/system/supysonic-daemon.service.

Description=Supysonic Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 -m supysonic.daemon