Jukebox mode

The jukebox mode allow playing audio files on the hardware of the machine running Supysonic, using regular clients that support it as a remote control.

The daemon must be running in order to be able to use the jukebox mode. So be sure to start the supysonic-daemon command and keep it running.

Setting the player program

Jukebox mode in Supysonic works through the use of third-party command-line programs. Supysonic isn’t bundled with such programs, and you are left to choose which one you want to use. The chosen program should be able to play a single audio file from a path specified on its command-line.

The configuration is done in the [daemon] section of the configuration file, with the jukebox_command variable. This variable should include the following fields:


absolute path of the file to be played


time in seconds where to start playing (used for seeking)

Here’s an example using mplayer:

jukebox_command = mplayer -ss %offset %path

Or using mpv:

jukebox_command = mpv --start=%offset %path

Setting the output volume isn’t currently supported.

Allowing users to act on the jukebox

The jukebox mode is only accessible to chosen users. Granting (or revoking) jukebox usage rights to a specific user is done with the command line interface:

$ supysonic-cli user setroles --jukebox <username>