supysonic-cli user --help

supysonic-cli user list

supysonic-cli user add <user> [--password <password>] [--email <email>]

supysonic-cli user delete <user>

supysonic-cli user changepass <user> [--password <password>]

supysonic-cli user setroles [--admin | --noadmin] [--jukebox | --nojukebox] <user>

supysonic-cli user rename <user> <newname>


The supysonic-cli user subcommand manages users, allowing to list them, add a new user, delete an existing user, and change their password or roles.



List all the users.

add <user> [--password <password>] [--email <email>]

Add a new user named <user>. Will prompt for a password if it isn’t given with the --password option.

delete <user>

Delete the user <user>.

changepass <user> [--password <password>]

Change the password of user <user>. Will prompt for the new password if not provided.

setroles [--admin | --noadmin] [--jukebox | --nojukebox] <user>

Give or remove rights to user <user>.

rename <user> <newname>

Rename the user <user> to <newname>.


-h, --help

Shows help and exits. Depending on where this option appears it will either list the available commands or display help for a specific command.

-p <password>, --password <password>

Specify the user’s password upon creation.

-e <email>, --email <email>

Specify the user’s email.

The next options relate to user roles. They work in pairs, one option granting a right while the other revokes it; obviously options of the same pair are mutually exclusive.

The long options are named with the matching right, prefix it with a no to revoke the right. For short options, the upper case letter grants the right while the lower case letter revokes it. Short options might be combined into a single one such as -aJ to both revoke the admin right and grant the jukebox one.

-A, --admin

Grant admin rights.

-a, --noadmin

Revoke admin rights.

-J, --jukebox

Grant jukebox rights.

-j, --nojukebox

Revoke jukebox rights.


To add a new admin user named MyUserName having password MyAwesomePassword:

$ supysonic-cli user add MyUserName -p MyAwesomePassword
$ supysonic-cli user setroles -A MyUserName


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