supysonic-cli --help

supysonic-cli user [options]

supysonic-cli folder [options]


Supysonic is a Python implementation of the Subsonic server API. Current supported features are:

  • browsing (by folders or tags)

  • streaming of various audio file formats

  • transcoding

  • user or random playlists

  • cover arts (as image files in the same folder as music files)

  • starred tracks/albums and ratings

  • Last.FM scrobbling

  • Jukebox mode

The “Subsonic API” is a set of adhoc standards to browse, stream or download a music collection over HTTP.

The command-line interface is an interface allowing administration operations without the use of the web interface.


supysonic-cli has two different subcommands:

user [options]

User management commands

folder [options]

Folder management commands

For more details on the user and folder subcommands, see the subsonic-cli-user (1), subsonic-cli-folder (1) manual pages.


-h, --help

Shows the help and exits. At top level it only lists the subcommands. To display the help of a specific subcommand, add the --help flag after the said subcommand name.


Bugs can be reported to your distribution’s bug tracker or upstream at


supysonic-cli-user (1), supysonic-cli-folder (1), supysonic-server (1), supysonic-daemon (1)